Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Question Friday 12/30/2012

Holy crap! Really, 2 days left in 2011? How is this possible?!?! I hope all of you have a VERY MERRY Christmas, and that 2011 has treated you well, and 2012 will be even better!!!
1. What's the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?
 Well, I found a pair of pants that I hadn't worn in 7 years last week! I was determined I would wear them again after children, and finally, on Christmas Eve, I did it! It was my own Christmas miracle!! I might have something as old as 10 years old, but nothing more than that.....I don't think. Or at least I don't want to admit if it do.

2. How many random blog readers have you met?
Sadly none, but I'm hoping there will be a Blogapalooza in TEXAS not Chicago, or anywhere else up North, soon!

3. Do you let your kids stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? (Or, if you don't have kiddos yet, did you get to stay up until midnight as a child?)
I wasn't allowed to stay up until I was probably 5 or 6. And last year, Love Bug made it until about 11:30 and then she crashed. If she can make it this year, I will let her, only because she doesn't have to go back to school till the 3rd, and we will still have 2 nights to get her back in her routine.

4. What are the gas prices where you live?
Filled up today, regular unleaded for $3.03 gallon
I'm sure Kate will say something crazy like a liter.

5. What is one resolution that you know you should do but are too afraid to try?
I'm not really afraid to try. But I wish I knew I would succeed at, is cooking healthier for my family. I do really good for lunch and breakfast, and my kids do as well, but dinner, I'm just not very creative at, so we eat a lot of the same thing over and over again.
Happy Friday, and again, Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2012!!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

5QF 12/2/2011

Seriously, this has been one of the craziest weeks I have had in such a long time. My in-laws were here for 9 days over the holidays (UGH!), and if you read some of my tweets, you will know how I feel about them. But, they are gone, and this week has flown by! I still don't have my tree up, but it and the decorations are down from the attic, which is a step. But, by bedtime tonight, it will be done! Because come Saturday, I have to start getting ready for our Christmas Party that is next weekend, and putting up a tree, is not on my list of things to do on Sat. Cleaning, decorating, hiding stuff, that kinda stuff IS on my list of things to do!

But, since it is Friday, and I didn't get a chance to do 5QF last week, even AFTER Mama M picked my question, I am doing it this week! So jump on over to  Mama M's blog and join in!

1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration in your house?
Lots, and LOTS, and TONS of snowmen! I have a small (read: LARGE) collection of snowmen. On the mantel, on the tree, in the bathrooms, on the sofa table, on top of my tree, stockings, door mats, towels, Christmas lights, hanging on the wall, you get the idea.
I have always loved them, and as I have gotten older, the love has grown to where it is pretty much rediculous now. But I love em!

2. Do you finish your Christmas shopping early or are you a last minute type?
Well, before kids, I had presents bought, wrapped and under the tree Thanksgiving weekend. And then I had one kid, so I had them bought before Thanksgiving, and wrapped, usually the next weekend. And then I had two kids, and well, last year I was buying presents on Christmas Eve. But this year, my daughter is 100% completely done. See my Black Friday Fail post.  At least I thought she was until I read her list to Santa tonight, and the top of the list: Hello Kitty Diary and silver sparkle pen. How am I supposed to deny something so easy, (and cheap!)? I have to find that for her!!!
My son: He is 90% done. Hubs: Yea, not even close. Parents: Not done, but I know what I am getting them (Apple TV).
So, as my kids get older, I am getting back to buying presents earlier. It makes finding what they really want, so much easier.

3. When do you turn on your heat? For the heater that does the main part of the house and our room? Not until it gets down to freezing. The kids side of the house does when the internal temp gets below 67. My son is still too little to stay under a blanket, he kicks it off, so he is in fleece jammies, and I have to make sure the heat is on for him to stay warm. My daughter loves to be warm when she sleeps, so even though she has covers, she sleeps great too!

4. Do you ever wish your blog was private?
Well, it is. Not this one, but my other one is. I have a different blog, that is just for family and friends. It has pics of my kids, places we went, lots of personal stuff on it, that (no offense), I don't want the whole world to see. My kids faces aren't even on my Facebook page. That is mine, not my kids. I have heard to many stories, and maybe I am just paranoid, but this is more about me, and my life, than theirs.

5. Do you put your deodorant on before of after you put on your shirt?
Before, like as soon as I get out of the shower and dry off. Still nekkid. If not, I would always have it on my clothes. Sorry, probably more than you wanted to know! :)
Ok, I have to go do more stuff to be able to decorate my tree dangit!
Happy Friday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Fail

So Wednesday afternoon my BFf Melissa and I decided to try the mid nit shopping, for the fist time. And I mean fist time EVER. Neither one of us had ever done it before. She usually goes out of town on Thanksgiving and hubs never wanted to go, even before we had kids, so I never had anybody to go with. But really I had never seen the draw. Plus I do so much online shopping. So we decide we are going to do the whole thing. Toys R Us at 10 and then head to Target and Kohls after midnight. We had to be home by 3 because her hubs was driving to Mexico to go hunting.

Reminder: Neither of us have ever done this before.

We got the Be care of your surrondings talk from both of our guys before we left, as our TRU isn't in the best part of town. And we are off. So we drive to TRU which is about 30 min away. As we pull up, we notice the store next to it, their parking lot is full. We figured it was employee cars, because shoot, TRU had been open for almost 2 hours at this point. So I pull into the parking lot, and it's full, but we find a spot, and then look at the door, and there is a line to get in. And I don't mean 4or 5 people, but a line as deep as the building. And nasty people too. Police all over the place, so we said no, not worth it, we were going there to see what was there. Didn't really need anything specific. So we leave.

Reminder: Neither od us have ever done this before.

So we turn around, head back home to where Target and Kohls are. We drive another 45 minutes, and it's about 11:10. What are we going to do for 50 minutes as we wait for Target to open, so we decide to hit McD's and get some Diet Cokes just to kill some time. All the while not really paying attention to the line of cars that is on the street going in the direction of Target.

So we head to Target, which is in the same shopping center as Lowes, Best Buy, and Kohls. We know the lines at Best Buy are crazy. That's a given. So we pull into Target, don't see a line, but figure we will go ahead and get out and head that way just in case.

FOOLS! FOOLS! We were. Seriously, how naive can 2 people be. Well as we get closer, the line is out the door, the length of Target, and almost the depth of Target!! What? Target has a line as wide, and almost as deep? What the hell were we thinking? On top of this, it is about 45 degrees outside, with a 10mph north wind. Melissa is not feeling it. She is all hell no, we are not doing this. but I convince her with my blanket, to stay. So we do, we have about 25 minutes till it opens so no biggie. The guy tells us that when they open the door, they will let 30people in, wait 15 seconds, then another 30, etc. So at midnight we started walking, and we got in by 12:15. No biggie. We get our buggy, start casually walking, not really shopping for anything. Let all the crazys go to the electronics. We head to toys, decorations, clothes, etc.

I remember that I need a gallon of milk, so we go get that, and decide that since it is almost 1, we should probably go check out if we are going to go to Kohls before we head home.....

Reminder: Neither of us have ever done this before.

So we head to the check out, and there is a line. And we start walking to go to the back of the line. And we realize the line is snaked in and out of every aisle all the way to the back of the store. And then when the snaking gets to the back of the store, it continues half way back the depth of the store. We ask the guy directing people how long the wait is to check out, and he can't give us an accurate number because it all depends on our many items people have in their buggys, but an hour would be an ok guess.

Shut the front door! An hour? To check out? That's a bunch of crap!

We leave our buggy and walk. Laughing, hysterically, can't believe we didn't know how bad it would be. I mean, come on. We are two college graduates, with many years of shopping experience! How could we have been so foolish!

So we head to Kohls, first thing? Check the checkout line! WAY to long. So we leave.

At this point it is almost 1:30. It will take us 15 min to get home. So we leave. With nothing. BLACK FRIDAY EPIC FAIL.

So I wake up this morning, determned to go back. Walk in Target, get everything I had last night, including my milk, and am in and out in 30 mi.


Next year: oh yeah, we are doing it again, but we will have a plan, I can guarantee you that!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My List 31-45

Somedays it is so easy to be thankful and reminded of how much you have. Other days, not so much. That's why I am doing like Kate and counting my things I am thankful for. Not just for Thanksgiving, as this will continue on for sometime afterwards.

31. Lip Saver Lip Gloss
32. The Director at my son's preschool
33. My Pastors
34. Good Hair Band Music
35. The Internet
36. Blogging
37. Bubble Bath
38. My Husbands Job
39. Christmas Lights
40. Driving my daughter to school every morning
41. The DVD player in my car for the kiddos when I need that quite time
42. Watching my son learn new words every day
43. Dry erase markets
44. Salted Caramel Mochas from Starbucks
45. How beautiful my daughter is on the INSIDE
46. The 4 kisses I must get from her every night
47. How my son snuggles his head in my neck after I read him books at night
48. No city noise where I live.
49. Our Telescope so we can see the stars at night
50. Flannel sheets

More thankfuls to come!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

5QF 11/18/2011

Friday, Friday, Friday......usually I look forward to this day. But this week.....not so much. So many things to do. I have been in charge of a MAJOR fundraiser for my kids pre-school/church, and after finally raising all of the money, the construction begins tomorrow. Which means I am going to be CRAZY busy during this holiday week. But it will be SO worth it! Plus my in-laws come in town tomorrow, and then school is out till the 28th. Gonna be crazy!

But, first things first, onto Mama M's Five Question Friday!

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?
Absolutely! Actually, multiple ones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hair band music. You know, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Poison, WInger, Skid Row, etc. And no matter my mood, I can always throw on XM Hair Nation (if in my car) or turn on the iPod, and get a good hair band song on and I.AM.GOLDEN.
Off the top of my head: Dr Feelgood, Motley Crue; Talk Dirty to Me, Poison; You Give Love a Bad Name, Bon Jovi; Round and Round, Ratt; Headed for a Heartbreak, Winger.
But, then there are the original rap songs. You know, Wrecks n Effect, MC Hammer, Digital Underground....Oh, I could go on and on and on.

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?
Well, both. I love me some real tree, the smell especially, but I hate needles. On my floor, poked in my skin. Ugh. So, we are a fake tree family.

3. What are you thankful for?
So many things. If you have seen my previous posts, you will see that I have a list going. First my faith, my family, and our health. Everything else is not as important. But, if you are interested in some other things I am thankful for (cake balls, Dr Pepper first thing in the morning), then scroll down to my previous posts.

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?
Tight rolled up jeans, with colored socks, and scrunchies to match. Enough said.

5. Do you wait until the "low fuel" light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?
Yup, everytime. Unless I know that John is getting in my truck, and then he will yell, so I fill it up before hand. I'm really bad about it. Always have been.
Ok, lots to do. Christmas party invites to address and stamp, house to clean, etc. Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

5QF 11/11/2011

Happy Happy Friday! Is it really 2 weeks before Thanksgiving? Oh my! SO much to do. Its Friday so that means its Five Question Friday over at Mama M's so jump on over and have some fun!

1. What's the last thing you spent too much money on?
Anytime I go to Target, I spend to much. I do love a particular type of workout clothes called Lululemon. OMG so freaking cute, but so ridiculously expensive for workout clothes. So comfortable, so stylish, so flattering. But I mean, a sports bra for $50+? Yup, but the best sports bra I ever owned. Skirts, shorts, jackets, t shirts, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner?
Hands down, without a doubt, no questions asked Paula Dean. Butter, sugar, and flour? Oh yea, yummolicious.

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal?
My house is always spotless, and there is never anything out of place.
What, oh, sorry. Dreamland. Reality is I have 2 young kids, and the only time it's clean is when they aren't here, or asleep. So, if somebody drops over, the crap gets shoved in my bedroom, and shut the door. Our room is in the back of the house, so luckily you can't see it.

4. Who is your oldest living family member?
My Grandmother. She is the only grandparent I have left. And she will be 90 in February. She has started suffering from dementia, and it makes me sad. I have so many memories of her and my grandfather from when I was a child. Breakfast at their house on Christmas morning, her painting my nails...

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (ie: cherry vanilla dr. pepper)?
This is a tough one. DQ? Dilly bar! Love em! Sonic? Cherry limeade, especially now that I can have citrus again.

Ok folks, your turn. Jump on the fun! New My List coming up this weekend! Happy Friday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

5QF 11/4/2011

Hey yall, its Friday! Thankfully!! Jump over to Mama M's and join in the fun!

1. What movie do you love to quote?
You know, I'm not much of a "movie quoter". A random line here or there, but not so much. I mean, there is always the "It's not a tumor", when I have a headache, or something like that. But I am a Friends quoter. I LOVE me some Friends. Monica especially!

Nope, never have, never will. They scare the crap out of me.

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Stay home, in my jammies (that's jaaaahhhhhmies, not jam (like jelly)ies, and vege on the couch. Unfortunately, we don't get many of those days here. Supposedly, we are getting some next week, of course, but I will not be here. Such is luck.

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts, or one really big, (expensive) gift?
To give? A bunch of small ones. To get? Hmmm..... I think it depends on what it is. For example for my bday, I got an iPad. WORTH EVERY FREAKING DIME! But like for Christmas, I would much rather have lots of littler stuff.

5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?
Luckily no, but I am pretty organized about that stuff. Between my kids schedules, my schedules, and my hubs, I have to be. But thanks to me saying that, I will lose track of something next week. Thanks for that.

Aright~ Happy Friday Yall! Enjoy your weekend.
2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My List 16-30

Continuing on from this post here is my next 15.

16. My son's health
17. Cake balls
18. The deer in my backyard
19. Melissa (my bff)
20. My education (GO FROGS!!)
21. A great fitting pair of jeans
22. Uggs
23. A massage
24. Sleeping late when my kids are at my parents house
25. My parents who love my children as much as I do
26. Our fabulous babysitter
27. Dryer sheets
28. Baby Bug's Kindergarten teacher
29. Family photos
30.  Flat iron

Join in!

Friday, October 28, 2011

5QF 10/28/2011

Happy Friday! Love me some Halloween! Busy weekend ahead! I am participating in a CrossFit competition tomorrow, and we have a Halloween (adults only) party tomorrow night! So excited!

So jump on over to Mama M's blog and join in the fun!
1. Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?
Cotton, except in the winter. Then flannel, or fleece actually. In the winter time I sleep on a fleece blanket instead of a regular fitted sheet. Makes crawling into bed on a cold night sooooo much better.

2. What time zone are you in? there any other? :)

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Cold weather, lots of cooking (not by me, but I eat it!), everybody is just in a better mood in general.

4. What is your favorite "wintry" drink? (It doesn't have to be an "alcoholic" drink!)
Hot chocolate and Baileys, or Kahlua (see my tweet from last night). I'm not much of a coffee drinker...meaning NONE, but I do have a new favorite at Starbucks....salted caramel mocha. Oh my. TO.DIE.FOR
So on cold mornings, which it just started last week, I am loving that!!!
Starbucks in the morning, Baileys at night! YUMMO!

5. In your opinion, what is the worst job in the world?
You know, I think everybody is going to have a different opinion on this. But I am going to have to say Septic repair man (or sewage treatment). Pretty much anything that has to do with flushed poop. Ick, I just threw up in my mouth a bit.
And how come baby poop is nothing. Dads can deal, grandfathers can even deal, but when the poop starts going in the toilet, everybody gets disgusted? I mean, so do I, so I'm not judging. Just an observation!
Alrighty-o everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween! My list 16-30 will be up this weekend! Join in! It'll make ya feel good, and even if you do have to clean up poop, make ya happy for what you got! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

My List 1-15

I read on Kate's blog about a list she was doing of things she was grateful for, and as I was reading it, I came up with some immediately on my own, so I figured, why not. It will help me stop bitching about little things, and be grateful for the many things that I have, no matter how big or small. So here is my first list.

1. My children
2. My family
3. Clean sheets
4. Unexpected visit from a friend
5. Take out
6. My morning Dr Pepper
7. Chocolate Mousse
8. Christmas music
9.the belly laughs of my children
10. Watching my husband wrestle with my children
11. My mom
12. The smell of my children right after baths
13. My daughters heart
14. My sons independent nature
15. My OB who knew when it was time to deliver my children before it got too dangerous for them and me.

More to come! Start your own!

5QF 10/21/11

Its FRIDAY!!! That means jump on over to Mama M's blog, and join in on the fun! No time to lose, so here we go!

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?
Target! Without a doubt. Usually at night, after I have my boy in bed, I will go to Target, when I am "done" with everything that has gone on that day. I mean there is ALWAYS something there I need, so I just go, have some time by myself, and an hour or so later, I am home. Usually about every other week or so, I need a evening Target break. Hubs has learned its better for me to go, than stay home!
2. What shows are you watching this fall?
We started watching Big Bang Theory for the first time this year, OMG, hilarious! Seriously, Sheldon is the funniest character ever! I know now, why he won an Emmy! Also, Subergatory, but I haven't decided about that one yet. And Up All Night....again...jury is still out.

And just to throw this in there, Two and 1/2 Men, has been disappointing to say the least, until this week. This week it was awesome. So I guess I am not going to quit watching it yet!

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?
16 hours~ Either Colorado or Arizona. Its about the same distance either place, but we make it straight through, no stopping. Hubs family is in AZ, and well, in the summer, skiing in the winter! Does it get any better than that?

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?
Shhh.....they don't know it yet, but we have already booked our trip for this spring!!! Love Bug will just die when she finds out. But we are waiting till right before we go to tell her!!!

 5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?
Well, considering most of you don't know me personally, only a few of you do, I'm sure that there is a lot that would surprise you. I'm not a good cook, but it doesn't help that I don't like to. But I wish that I was.
I am not really a beer or wine person, (although I will def drink it, just usually not my choice)  but I love me some hard liquor. I can listen to ANY type of music, and love it. But probably one of the most surprising things, that even surprised my husband, after he knew me for a while, was that I have this inept ability to name a song or artist from almost any genre of music, even if it is 20/30 years old. Not for sure how I do it, but I can. It's pretty cool.
Ok, happy Friday to all of you! Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just stuff

As I right this post, I am listening to my baby cough. A lot. You don't know this, but he has a little condition called Tracheomalasia. For those of you who don't know, aaccording to
Tracheomalacia is a condition in which the walls of the windpipe, called the trachea, are blocked or collapse because of weak or soft tissue. This can cause breathing difficulty.
Tracheomalacia is most common in infants. Most of the time it is a congenital defect, which means a baby is born with the condition. However, tracheomalacia may also develop in babies, especially those who are born early, who have had breathing tubes kept in place for a long time.
Tracheomalacia usually improves by the time the child is 6 to 12 months of age and disappears between 18 and 24 months of age.
Symptoms of tracheomalacia include coarse, noisy breathing (stridor), prolonged exhaling, and a croupy cough. These symptoms become worse during exertion, such as from crying, or when the child has a cold or other upper respiratory infection. Symptoms can make feeding difficult. Symptoms usually improve when the baby lies on his or her stomach.
A medical history and physical examination can indicate the possibility of tracheomalacia, but diagnosis must be confirmed by an X-ray or other tests of the trachea.
Usually tracheomalacia improves over time with no medical treatment. However, if the condition is severe, causes growth problems, or fails to improve, surgery may be necessary.

We finally got a diagnosis in April after exactly 1 year of trying to determine what was causing my Baby Bug to cough. And 5 different doctors. He had ear tubes put in, allergy testing, steroids, Upper GI, x-rays, etc. Finally, we got the Chief of Pulmonology to see us (after a bad experience with another pulmonologist, and she did a Bronchoscopy on him and determined (as we saw later on video) that his trachea is collapsing, and had extremely enlarged adenoids and tonsils, which were causing excessive mucus production, which was draining down his throat, and irritating his trachea. We got the tonsils and adenoids removed, and he was a different child. Cough, all but stopped. He started sleeping better, was happier, speech improved. We were so thankful a)that what he had wasn't serious and b)that luckily, the problem seemed to be resolved.

Until last weekend. He got the cold virus that everybody else seems to have, including everyone in this house, and the drainage began, and so did the cough. And cough he is. Up in the middle of the night, breathing treatments 5-6 times a day to keep his lungs open and fluid.

I know that we are extremely lucky to have healthy children. This is something that he will grow out of (pulmonologist said typically between ages 1-2, but his is a severe case, so it will probably be between 3-4 when his gets stronger), and it usually doesn't affect his daily life, unless he gets sick. I am just so tired of being up in the middle of the night, worrying about him, listening to him breath through the monitor. Those of you with children know what I am talking about. When your kid is sick, you worry, all the time. It has been 8 days, and nights, and the longest stretch of sleep has been 3 hours.

I really am not complaining, as much as it sounds like I am. I know that this is temporary, and that what he has isn't as severe as so many other children who are suffering. I just need to get this out there. My own personal sounding board.

So, that is why for me at least, this week has been crazy. Hubs was gone hunting last weekend, and Baby Bug got sick on Friday, so it made for a very long weekend by myself. You may have seen my tweet about it.

And, we got some MUCH NEEDED rain!! Thank you God for that! 5.53 inches where I am in 24 hours! IT was great! And then on Wed we got more! That was great too, until my ceiling had water coming down in it, because the rain was unexpected and the contractors didn't put the tarp on our house. So, looks like I will be getting some new insulation, and a fresh new coat of paint on my ceiling!!

Ok peeps, have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for letting me get all that out!

5QF 10/14/2011

Hey hey its FRIDAY!!! Thankfully, this week was a crazy one. Wait, has anybody else noticed a pattern here? It seems every week is crazy. Well, let me tell you, wait, hold that thought. I will (promise, pinky swear) write another post, on that, because, basically, I need to get some things off my chest, and why not here.

Anywhooooo....Since it is Friday, that means it is Five Question Friday over at Mama M's My Little Life, so go check out the fun. She didn't pick me this week, even though I had a good ole question. I guess I have to share!

1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone? Well, see, I don't really prefer ice cream that much. I would much rather have a candy bar, or cookie, or pie, or fudge, or mouse, get the idea.
But, when I do have ice cream, I like it in a cone. Breaks up some of the ice cream.

2. What three things do you love the smell of?
a)My babies fresh out of the bath. And not just Johnson and Johnson's smell. Even Love Bug, who is 6 and uses regular shampoo and conditioner, and regular soap. Something about my fresh babies is all kinds of good.
b)Vanilla. Vanilla extract, vanilla candles, even something flavored with vanilla. I used to have a scent of tangerine vanilla essential oil. It was goooood.
c)Star Gazer Lillies They just make me all kinds of happy. So next time you send me flowers, make sure they are in the bouquet mmmmk?

3. Giftcards or no? (In regards to gift giving...) I love gift cards. Love getting em, love giving em. Especially for teacher gifts (I mean who doesn't love a Target gift card?? Food--check, clothes---check, housewares---check). Food gift cards are always good. Some people don't want to spend money on food to go out, so gift cards can be a super good treat for some. Even something like Sonic. I like to give my kids pre school teachers Sonic gift cards throughout the year, just because. Even if it's just $5 or $10.

4. What sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them?   I started playing on the Tennis team, and as a freshman, I was good enough to play varsity, so I did that for 1 1/2 years. But then, if you remember my last post, I switched to baseball. I don't play tennis anymore. I got burned out between school, and lessons, and team tennis, it was just too much for about a total of almost 10 years. I wish I wouldn't have quit, because I was good, but now, I've moved on to CrossFit as my workout of choice. And man, oh, man, is it ever awesome!

5. Were you in band in high school? What instrument did you play?
No band in highschool (see above question), but in middle school I did play me some clarinet, and I was ok at it. I only did it because I wasn't going to sing in choir. If yall heard me sing even now, you would understand!

Ok, so I did complete my 5QF this week, and I promise, in just a bit, a new post! Happy Friday yall! So thankful we got over 5 inches of rain in the last week. We have been in extreme drought here in Texas, so this was VERY welcome rain!

Friday, September 30, 2011

5QF 9/30/2011

Ok, Ok, I'm back. I'm sorry. HORRIBLE blogger the last month. Well basically since all of you have known me. For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to start a public blog right before both of my kid's birthdays. But, since now they are over, I promise, pinky swear, to be a better blogger.

But, today is Friday! And I am ready for it. It has been a long week this week. My hubs broke his toe and foot last weekend, so I have been dealing with that, and now it looks like he is going to have surgery! Five Question Friday! Hop on over to Mama M's blog and join in the fun~!

1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?
Well, when (and if) I am wrong, absolutely. I mean how are they supposed to learn humility, regret, and doing the right thing, if I, and their dad, (who never apologizes about anything, cuz he thinks he is always right!! HAHA!! Kidding, kidding, boys....) don't show them. That is one of those lessons in life, you just have to learn to suck up and do.

2. Do you have a class ring, Letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"?
Yup, sure do. When I was in high school, I played on the tennis team for 1 1/2 year, and then got the opportunity to be a Diamond Doll (bat girl) for the baseball team. And like I was going to pass that up! First, I LOVE baseball (Go Rangers!), second, boys, playing baseball, in tight pants?!?! Oh yea! So I had to choose between baseball, or tennis. Uh, I chose baseball! And dated 2 of the boys on the team. Wait, not at the same time, or anything, just in general. You get the point. Anyway, I was considered part of the team, in all aspects, so technically, I lettered in Baseball. But, I chose a blanket, instead of a jacket.
I also have a high school senior ring. It's pretty cool, I'm glad I have it, but I only wore it for like 9 months, because then you are in college, and who cares about high school then.
3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?
21~ no doubt about it. Still in college, where (looking back) life was easy, carefree. All I had to do was go to school, and work my part time job. I was lucky that my parents provided all of my needs, and didn't have to work full time, like many of my friends. No responsibilities, no worries, just go and party and have fun.
But wait, the dating life would get old after a while, and you can only party for so lets go with like 25, no, because I want my kids, so 30. Well crap, that's too hard. I give up.

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name?
Austin ~ It's what I wanted to name our son, but my hubs best friend is named Austin, and he thought it would be a little wierd. So we didn't, and came up with Baby Bug instead. But if I had another boy, I don't care, his name would be Austin fo sho!

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be?
Different variety of food. Love Bug is such a picky eater. I have tried, forced, made, bribed her with everything to try different foods, and she just doesn't like stuff. I know that will change as she gets older, but come on. There is more to life than pizza, chicken nuggets, and jelly (she doesn't like peanut butter) sandwiches. Thankfully, she is wanting to buy her lunch at school more and more, so she is taking baby steps in branching out.
Ok, your turn! Go have fun! Happy weekend! Holy crap, I just realized tomorrow is Oct 1. YIKES!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

5QF Friday 9/16/2011

First and foremost, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY 2nd Birthday to my sweet Baby Bug! What did I ever do without that crazy, wild child, little monkey of mine!?!?!

Now, off to business, It's Five Question Friday!! Head on over to Mama M's blog, and play along~

1. If you had a weekly newspaper column, what would you name it?
I am the LEAST creative person in this world, so I have nothing cute or fun, to name a column. "To much Gas?"  er, no. Ummm, ummm, ummm. See hears the problem, I wouldn't even begin to know what to write about on a weekly basis, so coming up with a title, for something you don't even know what to write about, it almost impossible.
The only thing I can write about I think, is how much I love CrossFit. Yes, CrossFit. If any of you have ever seen it, yes, we are crazy, yes, we work out insanely hard, yes, we see dramatic results, and yes, it's kinda a cult. We all support, motivate, encourage each other, celebrate each other's PR (personal records).  So for that matter, than my column would be called Gas on CrossFit.  I know, cute right?

2. Who is your mentor/inspiration?

Well, I really don't know that I would have to say one person in particular. My mom, is amazing. She loves her family, unconditionally, supports us, is a Godly woman, and would give any of her friends the shirt off her back. But, then I see my BFF who inspires me to see the better in people like she does. I don't always see the good in every person. Sometimes, being honest here, you piss me off, I'm done. Now, it's not a little PO, but you really have to have done something to me personally, or my family, and I am done with you. Until then, I am loyal as the day is long. But Melissa always sees the good in people, always gives people the benefit of the doubt (without being taken advantage of). And patience? Man does she have it! With her kids, she is a patron saint I tell ya! (Can you tell I just love her?!?!)

3. What is your wake up beverage of choice?

100% without a doubt, no questions asked, Dr Pepper.
To tired? Dr Pepper
To much to drink the night before? Dr Pepper
Headache? Dr Pepper

Pretty much, its the cure all for me. But only 1 a day. To much sugar in em. But it's always, first thing in the morning.

4. Would you wear your mom's clothes?
Nope. And that's all I have to say about that. Well, that and not that my mom wears ugly clothes. She doesn't by any means. Actually, my mom always looks very put together, and very nice. They just aren't for me.

5. When you were a kid, did you put posters on your wall? If so, what were they of?
Uh YEA! Bon Jovi, Poison, John Stamos, Jack Wagner (he used to be on General Hospital and then he went to Melrose Place). What can I say, I had an older sister, and being a tween in the 80s, what do you expect?

Alrighty folks, that all I got for today! Cakes to make, party to prepare for, presents to wrap. Baby Bug to love! Yep, my kinda weekend! Have a great one everybody!

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 QF 9/16/11

Hello hello! Its FRIDAY!! And this short week has been a VERY long week. Not for sure why. But the next two weeks are going to be CARAZY for me! I got two kiddos, who each have birthdays the next 2 weeks! Yeah, can't wait! But, first things first, it's time for Mama M's Five Question Friday! If you have never participated, jump over there, follow the "rules" and have some fun!

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?
Just some standard old ringtone that came with the phone. And see, here is what drives me crazy. I have a smart phone, with all the little features, but I can't figure out how to play a song on my phone. My old janky phone was so cool. I could download songs, and use those as my ring tone.

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?
Hands down, without a doubt, watching my daughter's excitement as she was walking into Kindergarten. She had very little fear, which is unusual, and full of confidence. I have never been so proud of her, as I was that day.

3. Paper books or ebooks?
Well, I just started my first ebook last week, and I have to say, I am loving it. I'm not a huge reader anyway, but I like the flexibility of having it on my ipad, which I take with me most places anyway. Yesterday, I was at the drs office, and instead of checking my facebook, or my twitter, I actually read. Felt like a grown up and all. Or maybe somebody intellectual. You get the point....

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why? 
An outdoor kitchen/living space. We have a great backyard, and lots of land, and neighbors who aren't too close, and we would love to be able to eat, have parties, etc in a outdoor living area. We have been talking about it for a while, and it looks like it is going to happen! SO EXCITED!!! The only other thing I REALLY want is a fence. Boring, but we have a property fence, but not a "backyard fence" and Baby Bug isn't old enough to go outside by himself, but if I had a fence, I could keep him in the backyard, and still be able to see him. So thats all I would really want, I think.....

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend? (My question!!! SQUEEL!!!)
My first serious one, was in high school. I was 16 when I met him, and we dated till I was a freshman in college, and then reality sat in, and I realized he wasn't so wonderful, and I wanted to live the college scene up, without being tied to a long distance relationship. He went to another college. So, that was over, was single and had fun for a while, and then met the hubs. That was in 1994 and 16 years later here we still are.

Ok, so there you go! Go read some others, join in the fun! Have a great weekend. Birthday party shopping is in order for us!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

FQF Sept 2nd

Hey Y'all, Happy Friday (errr Saturday). It's that time of week for Mama M's Five Question Friday! So read mine, then head on over and join the fun! Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

1. Shoes in the house - yay or nay?
Yes, we do wear our shoes in the house, but MOST of the time, they don't make it to the carpet. Usually they sat on the tile/wood, but if they make it to the bedrooms or living rooms, I don't freak out about it. However, after reading some of the other blogs, I'm getting a little freaked out about what is running around in my carpet! ***Shudder***

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc?

Flip flops or flippers. Not sure where the flippers came from, that's what I say. Thongs, those are underwear, not shoes.

3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to?
well this is a bad question for me, because I know TONS of songs. All kinds. 80s, 90s, pop, country, hip hop, my"parents" music, so I'm sure there are plenty of songs I am embarrassed to admit I know. But the worst, is that yesterday, I was singing a song from Blue's Clue's. And I ow all the words. And neither of my kids were around. Just me, singing it to myself. "Therw was a time, I couldn't see, what was right, in front of me. Is that a house, book or tree?".......

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend?
Oh wait, that's not a quality? Because my BFF, Melissa, she has all the best qualities. Honesty, loyalty, compassion, party like a rock star with me :), knows when to say the things you NEED to hear, vs what you wanna hear. She is awesome!

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas?
Nope, not a clue. I had been wanting an iPad forever, since like the day it came put, but I got one for Mothers Day/anniversary combo, so now I have no clue. But I guess in should start thinking huh!!

Ok, head over to and check out the other Five Question Friday post!

Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Question Friday

Hey Yall! It's Five Question Friday, and if you haven't yet, head on over to Mama M's Blog and check them out! Here goes! Oh OH OH, and Mama M also picked one of MY questions!!!

1. Did you make any fun purchases this week?
This week was all about my Love Bug starting Kindergarten. I have bought SO much stuff in the last couple of weeks, some of it really fun, its hard to remember if I bought anything this week at all.

Oh, I did make a Target run, and that is ALWAYS fun, but I don't think diapers, wipes, and socks for my Baby Bug count as fun. And the grocery store, but again no fun.

I think the only thing fun I spent money on this week was getting my nails done. Oh, and TONS of medical bills from all of Baby Bugs procedures, but that DEF is not fun!

2. If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?

Well, I have been to almost everybody I would have wanted to see, Tim McGraw, Tim McGraw with Faith Hill, Lady A, Kiss, Poison, Garth Brooks (FRONT ROW!! That was awesomesauce!) But I think what I wished I could have seen, was Bon Jovi, when they were touring for the album, Slippery When Wet. My sister is 4 years older than me, and she went, but wouldn't let me, her little sister, tag along. And there was no way, my mom and dad would let me go. But I would love to go back and see that.

I'm not a huge concert goer, but if there is someone I really want to see, I will.

3. What is your least fav/ most fav house chore?
Least fav, by far, cleaning the bathroom. Makes me gag!
Most fav,  I would say would be vacuuming. Its easy, takes little effort. I know that I am very lucky that I have a girl who comes and cleans for us every other week. But I still do bathroom, and vacuum in between.  Gag!

4. Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?
Jees....we need a new dishwasher (ours leaks) and a new washing machine (makes a HORRIBLE noise, and grows mold, and stinks, stupid front loading washer). But man oh man, do I love me some clothes.
I guess if I were being practical, I would go with appliances....bla bla bla.

5. Miracle Whip or Mayo
Now see, my hubs, HATES Miracle Whip. He thinks it is the worst stuff on the face of the planet. Growing up, that is all I had. Tuna fish, cold meatloaf sandwiches, lunch meat, etc. But then he turned me into a Mayo kinda girl for lunch meat and chicken salads. But I still have to have my MW for tuna and cold meatloaf sandwiches.
Alrighty, that's all I got for this week. Go check out some other fun blogs, and I promise, to blog more next week. This week was highly emotional for me!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tomorrow morning, my first born starts Kindergarten. It's a reality, I must face. My husband and I did admit last week that the thought of home schooling was appealing to us right now. Not that I ever could, but to keep her home, it was appealing.

Now this isn't the first time that I have been away from her. I stayed home with her till she was 18 months old, and then I went back to work, so she was in a full time day care for a while. She has been to pre school and different summer "camps". But it has always been a "safe" environment.

Now when I say safe, I dont necessarily mean security safe, however that thought did cross my mind, but I mean, safe in regards to environment. She has been at our church, where the teachers are extra caring, and extra sweet, and she was the big kid. Now she is going to a school, where they are expected to grow up, be independent, and she is the littlest kid there.

I have to admit it, these fears are mine and my husbands. These are not hers. She is excited about going, excited about new friends, and all the fun things she will do. Field trips, buying her lunch, etc. And I am putting on my brave face for her. She has no idea what I am feeling, my thoughts, or my fears. And she never will, until she has a child of her own, and she experiences these same things. At that point, I will tell her I felt the same way. And that is part of being a mommy, and part of letting your a babies grow up.

Tomorrow will be one of the hardest days of my life. I know it will be ok, I know she will be just fine, and I know I will be fine as well (after I have a few mimosas at the boo hoo breakfast a bunch of us first timers are going to!)

Kids grow up every day, I must accept it, even if I don't like it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bowling Party

Today I took my oldest to a Bowling Party. Neither one of us had ever been to a "kid" bowling party today. Those bumpers that they use to keep the balls from going in the gutter, are pretty dang cool. And of course, I forgot my camera, and its so dark in there, that phones don't work near as well.

So imagine, a dark bowling alley, with black lights, so all the kids socks are glowing! Pretty fun!

So now, my Love Bug has decided she wants a bowling party, except, her birthday party invitiations have already been ordered, and we are doing a Luau party. I guess next year. Or not.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Question Friday

Because this is my first public post, I FINALLY get to participate in  Mama M Five Question Friday! So head on over and have some fun!!

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?
I do have a sister. Just one, she is 4 years older than me. When we were growing up we were really close, and then she turned 12 and she was MEAN. MEAN MEAN MEAN! Or she would say that I was a brat, but whatever, semantics! But fast forward a handful of years, and she turned nice again. So much so, that when I was giving birth, she was in the delivery room for both of my kids. Now, I am not sure what I would do without her.!

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?
Ugh! Hmmm, uh, well, ahem. I am lucky to say that most of my life I have been average or below average in my weight. Except while I was pregnant. We will not even talk about that. But after giving birth to my second child, it took a lot longer to get rid of the weight, even though I didn't gain as much. So for over a year, I would say I was slightly over weight. At least in my mind. And I didn't like the way I looked, or felt, or how clothes fit. So I am going to be ugly and say under weight. Would I ever tell my daughter that? Not in a million years!

3. What's your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

We have a HUGE state fair where I live, and I have never been. Nope, never. But I have been to the Stock Show, and they sell fair food there. My favorite, by far, has to be Funnel Cakes. Hot, greasy, and full of powdered sugar.
Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.
4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?

My oldest starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks, and while she is ready, and excited, if not nervous, I am NOT. I don't want her to grow up,  I dont' want her to experience mean kids, bullys, and all the other negative things that happens when you get in school. She has been in her safe zone her whole life, and I know things are going to be different for her. Will she be fine? Of course! Will she love it? I'm sure.
But do I want her to stay with me forever? ABSOLUTELY! (Although I would probably lose my mind!!!)

5. Pool or Ocean?
OMG! POOL for sure! I am not a huge swimmer, I can, I just don't. And one of my fears of dying is drowning. Rip tides in the ocean, waves pulling you out to see. **Shudder***. NO thank you! I don't like the ocean so much, that like most people who go to someplace tropical for their honeymoon, we went to Canada! And loved it!


Public Blog

Well I finally went and created a public blog. I still have my private blog for immediate friends and family only, but this is more for the blogger world out there. You will not see my kids names, or pictures on here, as some things are just left to those IRL friends!