Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Question Friday 12/30/2012

Holy crap! Really, 2 days left in 2011? How is this possible?!?! I hope all of you have a VERY MERRY Christmas, and that 2011 has treated you well, and 2012 will be even better!!!
1. What's the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?
 Well, I found a pair of pants that I hadn't worn in 7 years last week! I was determined I would wear them again after children, and finally, on Christmas Eve, I did it! It was my own Christmas miracle!! I might have something as old as 10 years old, but nothing more than that.....I don't think. Or at least I don't want to admit if it do.

2. How many random blog readers have you met?
Sadly none, but I'm hoping there will be a Blogapalooza in TEXAS not Chicago, or anywhere else up North, soon!

3. Do you let your kids stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? (Or, if you don't have kiddos yet, did you get to stay up until midnight as a child?)
I wasn't allowed to stay up until I was probably 5 or 6. And last year, Love Bug made it until about 11:30 and then she crashed. If she can make it this year, I will let her, only because she doesn't have to go back to school till the 3rd, and we will still have 2 nights to get her back in her routine.

4. What are the gas prices where you live?
Filled up today, regular unleaded for $3.03 gallon
I'm sure Kate will say something crazy like a liter.

5. What is one resolution that you know you should do but are too afraid to try?
I'm not really afraid to try. But I wish I knew I would succeed at, is cooking healthier for my family. I do really good for lunch and breakfast, and my kids do as well, but dinner, I'm just not very creative at, so we eat a lot of the same thing over and over again.
Happy Friday, and again, Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2012!!!


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  1. It IS a litre.

    LitRe. You have to spell it in Canadian.

    Thank you.

    Over and out.