Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Fail

So Wednesday afternoon my BFf Melissa and I decided to try the mid nit shopping, for the fist time. And I mean fist time EVER. Neither one of us had ever done it before. She usually goes out of town on Thanksgiving and hubs never wanted to go, even before we had kids, so I never had anybody to go with. But really I had never seen the draw. Plus I do so much online shopping. So we decide we are going to do the whole thing. Toys R Us at 10 and then head to Target and Kohls after midnight. We had to be home by 3 because her hubs was driving to Mexico to go hunting.

Reminder: Neither of us have ever done this before.

We got the Be care of your surrondings talk from both of our guys before we left, as our TRU isn't in the best part of town. And we are off. So we drive to TRU which is about 30 min away. As we pull up, we notice the store next to it, their parking lot is full. We figured it was employee cars, because shoot, TRU had been open for almost 2 hours at this point. So I pull into the parking lot, and it's full, but we find a spot, and then look at the door, and there is a line to get in. And I don't mean 4or 5 people, but a line as deep as the building. And nasty people too. Police all over the place, so we said no, not worth it, we were going there to see what was there. Didn't really need anything specific. So we leave.

Reminder: Neither od us have ever done this before.

So we turn around, head back home to where Target and Kohls are. We drive another 45 minutes, and it's about 11:10. What are we going to do for 50 minutes as we wait for Target to open, so we decide to hit McD's and get some Diet Cokes just to kill some time. All the while not really paying attention to the line of cars that is on the street going in the direction of Target.

So we head to Target, which is in the same shopping center as Lowes, Best Buy, and Kohls. We know the lines at Best Buy are crazy. That's a given. So we pull into Target, don't see a line, but figure we will go ahead and get out and head that way just in case.

FOOLS! FOOLS! We were. Seriously, how naive can 2 people be. Well as we get closer, the line is out the door, the length of Target, and almost the depth of Target!! What? Target has a line as wide, and almost as deep? What the hell were we thinking? On top of this, it is about 45 degrees outside, with a 10mph north wind. Melissa is not feeling it. She is all hell no, we are not doing this. but I convince her with my blanket, to stay. So we do, we have about 25 minutes till it opens so no biggie. The guy tells us that when they open the door, they will let 30people in, wait 15 seconds, then another 30, etc. So at midnight we started walking, and we got in by 12:15. No biggie. We get our buggy, start casually walking, not really shopping for anything. Let all the crazys go to the electronics. We head to toys, decorations, clothes, etc.

I remember that I need a gallon of milk, so we go get that, and decide that since it is almost 1, we should probably go check out if we are going to go to Kohls before we head home.....

Reminder: Neither of us have ever done this before.

So we head to the check out, and there is a line. And we start walking to go to the back of the line. And we realize the line is snaked in and out of every aisle all the way to the back of the store. And then when the snaking gets to the back of the store, it continues half way back the depth of the store. We ask the guy directing people how long the wait is to check out, and he can't give us an accurate number because it all depends on our many items people have in their buggys, but an hour would be an ok guess.

Shut the front door! An hour? To check out? That's a bunch of crap!

We leave our buggy and walk. Laughing, hysterically, can't believe we didn't know how bad it would be. I mean, come on. We are two college graduates, with many years of shopping experience! How could we have been so foolish!

So we head to Kohls, first thing? Check the checkout line! WAY to long. So we leave.

At this point it is almost 1:30. It will take us 15 min to get home. So we leave. With nothing. BLACK FRIDAY EPIC FAIL.

So I wake up this morning, determned to go back. Walk in Target, get everything I had last night, including my milk, and am in and out in 30 mi.


Next year: oh yeah, we are doing it again, but we will have a plan, I can guarantee you that!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My List 31-45

Somedays it is so easy to be thankful and reminded of how much you have. Other days, not so much. That's why I am doing like Kate and counting my things I am thankful for. Not just for Thanksgiving, as this will continue on for sometime afterwards.

31. Lip Saver Lip Gloss
32. The Director at my son's preschool
33. My Pastors
34. Good Hair Band Music
35. The Internet
36. Blogging
37. Bubble Bath
38. My Husbands Job
39. Christmas Lights
40. Driving my daughter to school every morning
41. The DVD player in my car for the kiddos when I need that quite time
42. Watching my son learn new words every day
43. Dry erase markets
44. Salted Caramel Mochas from Starbucks
45. How beautiful my daughter is on the INSIDE
46. The 4 kisses I must get from her every night
47. How my son snuggles his head in my neck after I read him books at night
48. No city noise where I live.
49. Our Telescope so we can see the stars at night
50. Flannel sheets

More thankfuls to come!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

5QF 11/18/2011

Friday, Friday, Friday......usually I look forward to this day. But this week.....not so much. So many things to do. I have been in charge of a MAJOR fundraiser for my kids pre-school/church, and after finally raising all of the money, the construction begins tomorrow. Which means I am going to be CRAZY busy during this holiday week. But it will be SO worth it! Plus my in-laws come in town tomorrow, and then school is out till the 28th. Gonna be crazy!

But, first things first, onto Mama M's Five Question Friday!

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?
Absolutely! Actually, multiple ones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hair band music. You know, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Poison, WInger, Skid Row, etc. And no matter my mood, I can always throw on XM Hair Nation (if in my car) or turn on the iPod, and get a good hair band song on and I.AM.GOLDEN.
Off the top of my head: Dr Feelgood, Motley Crue; Talk Dirty to Me, Poison; You Give Love a Bad Name, Bon Jovi; Round and Round, Ratt; Headed for a Heartbreak, Winger.
But, then there are the original rap songs. You know, Wrecks n Effect, MC Hammer, Digital Underground....Oh, I could go on and on and on.

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?
Well, both. I love me some real tree, the smell especially, but I hate needles. On my floor, poked in my skin. Ugh. So, we are a fake tree family.

3. What are you thankful for?
So many things. If you have seen my previous posts, you will see that I have a list going. First my faith, my family, and our health. Everything else is not as important. But, if you are interested in some other things I am thankful for (cake balls, Dr Pepper first thing in the morning), then scroll down to my previous posts.

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?
Tight rolled up jeans, with colored socks, and scrunchies to match. Enough said.

5. Do you wait until the "low fuel" light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?
Yup, everytime. Unless I know that John is getting in my truck, and then he will yell, so I fill it up before hand. I'm really bad about it. Always have been.
Ok, lots to do. Christmas party invites to address and stamp, house to clean, etc. Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

5QF 11/11/2011

Happy Happy Friday! Is it really 2 weeks before Thanksgiving? Oh my! SO much to do. Its Friday so that means its Five Question Friday over at Mama M's so jump on over and have some fun!

1. What's the last thing you spent too much money on?
Anytime I go to Target, I spend to much. I do love a particular type of workout clothes called Lululemon. OMG so freaking cute, but so ridiculously expensive for workout clothes. So comfortable, so stylish, so flattering. But I mean, a sports bra for $50+? Yup, but the best sports bra I ever owned. Skirts, shorts, jackets, t shirts, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner?
Hands down, without a doubt, no questions asked Paula Dean. Butter, sugar, and flour? Oh yea, yummolicious.

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal?
My house is always spotless, and there is never anything out of place.
What, oh, sorry. Dreamland. Reality is I have 2 young kids, and the only time it's clean is when they aren't here, or asleep. So, if somebody drops over, the crap gets shoved in my bedroom, and shut the door. Our room is in the back of the house, so luckily you can't see it.

4. Who is your oldest living family member?
My Grandmother. She is the only grandparent I have left. And she will be 90 in February. She has started suffering from dementia, and it makes me sad. I have so many memories of her and my grandfather from when I was a child. Breakfast at their house on Christmas morning, her painting my nails...

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (ie: cherry vanilla dr. pepper)?
This is a tough one. DQ? Dilly bar! Love em! Sonic? Cherry limeade, especially now that I can have citrus again.

Ok folks, your turn. Jump on the fun! New My List coming up this weekend! Happy Friday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

5QF 11/4/2011

Hey yall, its Friday! Thankfully!! Jump over to Mama M's and join in the fun!

1. What movie do you love to quote?
You know, I'm not much of a "movie quoter". A random line here or there, but not so much. I mean, there is always the "It's not a tumor", when I have a headache, or something like that. But I am a Friends quoter. I LOVE me some Friends. Monica especially!

Nope, never have, never will. They scare the crap out of me.

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Stay home, in my jammies (that's jaaaahhhhhmies, not jam (like jelly)ies, and vege on the couch. Unfortunately, we don't get many of those days here. Supposedly, we are getting some next week, of course, but I will not be here. Such is luck.

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts, or one really big, (expensive) gift?
To give? A bunch of small ones. To get? Hmmm..... I think it depends on what it is. For example for my bday, I got an iPad. WORTH EVERY FREAKING DIME! But like for Christmas, I would much rather have lots of littler stuff.

5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?
Luckily no, but I am pretty organized about that stuff. Between my kids schedules, my schedules, and my hubs, I have to be. But thanks to me saying that, I will lose track of something next week. Thanks for that.

Aright~ Happy Friday Yall! Enjoy your weekend.
2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My List 16-30

Continuing on from this post here is my next 15.

16. My son's health
17. Cake balls
18. The deer in my backyard
19. Melissa (my bff)
20. My education (GO FROGS!!)
21. A great fitting pair of jeans
22. Uggs
23. A massage
24. Sleeping late when my kids are at my parents house
25. My parents who love my children as much as I do
26. Our fabulous babysitter
27. Dryer sheets
28. Baby Bug's Kindergarten teacher
29. Family photos
30.  Flat iron

Join in!