Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So today, I had to go to a meeting, with a man, that I had heard some, anything but pleasant comments about. But I figured, guys treat guys differently than guys treat girls. Well, I was proved wrong. This man was a mean spirited, ugly, rude human being. One like I have never came across before.

This man, showed up 10 minutes late, even though he requested the time, and then brought me inside to his office, and put me in the conference room, where I thought he was going to get a bottle of water, or cup of coffee, as he had asked me if I would like some. I politely declined. He showed back up about 15 minutes later, and the entire time he was gone, I could hear him talking to other people, being ugly, degrading, cussing at some of his employees, telling them that things were not so hard, and it was simple, and if they couldn't figure it out, he would find someone who could.

A)What kind of boss talks to him employees that way?
B)What kind of employee stays and listens to that?

I understand that times are tough,and I have friends who are struggling to find work right now, but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY deserves to be cussed at, or degraded like that in a work environment. I mean if we are being totally honest, nobody anywhere deserves to be treated like that.

He came back in, we discussed our business, where he basically showed me that his time was more important than mine, and that he was holier than thou, and deserved to have his feet and ass kissed.

Well, its gonna be done by somebody else. Not me. Jerk.

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