Thursday, April 26, 2012

5qf 4-27-12

Happy Friday! I have had a crazy week. I was in Houston for three days, came home, had 10 women at my house, then Thursday was our anniversary. I'm pooped!! Jump on over to Mama Ms blog, and join the fun!!

1. Do you make your kids finish all the food on their plates? No, I don't. I make them try everything, but they don't have to finish. I never had to do that, and I don't want my kids growing up believing they have to clean their plates.

2. Do you give an allowance? Well Love Bug is only 6 so we are just starting to do chores. Right now when I was the load of towels, if she folds them she gets .50. And that's it. But this summer, while she is home, she is going to be doing more chores, and we will do an allowance for her.

3. Do you actually park your car in the garage? We have 3 cars, and a three car garage. And only 1 car is in the garage. Mine. My husbands truck is too tall, and his car is on the patio which is covered and has a slope to drive up on. In the garage is a 30 ft smoker, and all kinds of kid stuff and my Tahoe. That's it.

4. What is one food you will NEVER cook? Fish. I hate the smell of it. I mean fresh fish. Not fish sticks. Or shrimp. That's ok. But salmon or halibut, stuff like that, never will that be cooked in my house!

5. Do you have anything exciting planned for the summer? We are going on a road trip in Texas and will probably end up in San Antonio going to Sea World but that is it. Disney is back on the schedule for fall as my husbands foot is healing nicely!! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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